At the Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology Department highly qualified teachers provide a high level of teaching education for students of:

    • Faculty of Medicine
    • Faculty of Pharmacy
    • Faculty of Dentistry
    • Foreign Students’ Faculty
    • Institute of Nursing.

At the Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology Department students study:

    • Basic principles of Medical Prescription;
    • Pharmacokinetics of drugs;
    • Pharmacodynamics of drugs;
    • Basic treatment regimens and dosage of drugs;
    • Side effects and contraindications;
    • Basic principles of individual pharmacotherapy.

Training is provided in three languages:

    • Ukrainian,
    • Russian,
    • English.

The practical classes

In optimizing and modernizing the educational process have been using virtual whiteboards and video systems during the workshops and during lectures. At the Department was established the base of training videos of pharmacology (over 300 titles). Each lecture of Pharmacology is illustrated by video , it improves students learning.

The practical classes on the faculty of foreign student

For a better mastery of practical skills the lines of practical skills – matricules are used. It helps to improve the skills of writing of prescriptions for a physician or a pharmacist.

Teachers of the department published 7 books of Pharmacology, 12 tutorials, 3 reference books, 7 methodological recommendations, over 80 educational and methodical articles.